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ENSURE digital credentials are valid with BADGESAFE™

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BadgeSafe™ is a trust solution developed especially to validate digital credentials. Securing credentials with our BadgeSafe™ certification increases their value, trust and portability.

keyholeThe BadgeSafe™ Keyhole Trusted Mark ensures authenticity.

Modern-day digital credentials, known as "badges," are composed of a graphical representation (image) and stored meta-data that define the issuer, criteria, alignments, evidence, issue date, expiration date and categorization tags. Validation of a badge requires that the meta-data be available for retrieval and authentication.

Badges certified with BadgeSafe give issuers, recipients, and endorsers peace-of-mind. Once a badge is branded with BadgeSafe Keyhole Trusted Mark, consumers would know they can instantly validate the badge's authenticity.

Digital credentials that come in the form of badge, license, certificate or diploma can be secured by our BadgeSafe™ certification.

Key Features

Accreditrust offers BadgeSafe™ to ensure authenticity and continuity, thereby providing validation for the life of the badge.

BadgeSafe certified credentials are instantly verifiable, which permits the recipient to share badges or portfolio with 3rd-parties both privately and publicly for validation and endorsement.

Standard Services:

  • Issuer authorization key
  • Administrator control
  • Optional hosted branded criteria pages
  • Digital credential management (activate, validate, revoke, export)
  • Permanent curation in our carrier-class infrastructure

BadgeSafe™ supports a robust ecosystem that uses digital achievements to represent life-long learning, whether in the form of a credential, badge, certificate or diploma.

> Learn how to your system can encrypt credentials with BadgeSafe verification

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