Accreditrust proves a credential’s authenticity, who issued it, and to whom it belongs. Companies that offer credential processing, instructional delivery, testing, human capital management and professional networking applications, license TrueCred™ APIs to process secure credentials.

Many industries such as Education, Healthcare, and Insurance, as well as businesses including recruiters, compliance officers, and registrars, process millions of documents each year that represent identity, licenses, certificates, skills, diplomas, endorsements, awards, and other high-stakes credentials.

How do decision makers independently verify the proof of the credential's authenticity?

TrueCred™, a SaaS solution by Accreditrust, processes tamper-proof credentials that ensures institutions, organizations, corporations and governments are able to seamlessly process, exchange and verify secure credentials with authority and trust. TrueCred™ enables credentials processing based upon standards via machine-verified primary source data.

TrueCred™ allows developers to focus on building great applications rather than credentialing technology!

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